animal manure rotary dryer machine

in many of our raw materials, there are a lot of moisture content,high moisture stops us to process the materials so good, now a rotary manure dryer machine is necessary.

manure rotary dryer Machine Description
The manure rotary dryer machine is mainly used for drying compound fertilizers with a certain humidity and particle size. Besides, this rotary drum dryer can dry animal manure like chicken manure,cow manure,sheep manure,city waste,human waste and so on. With the unique advantages of high yield and reliable operation,rotary drum drying machine is the ideal equipment for mass compound fertilizers production

Rotary dryer machine Working Principle
Rotary drum dryer machine( ) adopts slightly tilted drum which can be rotated. The wet materials are sent to hopper of rotary dryer by belt conveyor or bucket elevator from the higher side, and well-dried materials are collected from the other lower side, and hot air enters into the drum from the feeding side.

Rotary drum dryer manufactured by us,  Which is widely used in poultry farms, chemical engineering, and cement industries for the drying of slag lime stone, powdered coal, slag and clay.The manure rotary dryer machine has the features of reasonable structure, fine processing, high output, low energy consumption and improved revenue. 

it is usually used in fertilizer plant to dry raw materials and finished product, used together with pan granulator


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